Eating in the dream, why people eat in the dream
Dr Sina | Photo Credit: Twitter

In a recent discussion on Twitter (now X), Nigerian medical expert Dr Sina, renowned as @the_beardedsina, explained the common reasons behind eating in one's dreams, debunking the fear of spiritual significance by shedding light on its medical interpretation.

He described dreams as a manifestation of one's mental, emotional, and psychological memories, emotions, and subconscious, including imaginations, fears, and fantasies. Dr. Sina emphasized the scientific aspect of dreaming, particularly the physiological processes that underlie the experience.

"'Eating in your dream,' Dr Sina explained, 'can be attributed to various factors such as pre-sleep hunger, exposure to food-related stimuli, aversions to certain meals, or even subconscious desires.' Dr. Sina emphasized that such experiences are primarily a manifestation of the mind's imaginative capabilities, rather than having any spiritual connotations. He stated, 'Eating in your dream likewise follows the principle, was there a premise of hunger before you slept? Did you watch a food channel? Is there a meal you hate? Are you fantasizing about a meal? Or is the meal in your subconscious?'"

Dr. Sina elaborated on the different phases of sleep, particularly highlighting the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) phase, characterized by intense brain activity and vivid dreaming.

"There are different phases of sleep, as you go deeper into sleep, you enter a phase called REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement sleep is the phase where you also blink a lot. This particular phase is when you dream. 'So medically, it is okay to eat in your dreams, it is just a fragment of your imagination. A dream is a way of delving into the unreal or real in a world where everything is possible and probably utopian and dystopic, based on how broad your horizon of thinking and imagination,' the medical expert explained."