How to Pray with Salt for Business and Career Breakthrough

Easy way to pray with salt for blessings, business and career growth.

Salt holds symbolic significance in Christianity, as evidenced by its mention in the Bible. Here is a prayer and spiritual practice involving salt that you can recite to open doors in your career and business, drawing inspiration from the account in 2 Kings 2:19-22. In this passage, the people of Jericho inform the prophet Elisha about their city's tainted water source, which was causing miscarriages. Elisha remedies the situation by casting salt into the spring, restoring the water's purity.

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To perform this spiritual work, you will need:

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A pinch of table salt

Your sincere prayer and faith

This is a 7 days prayer exercise and upon awakening each morning, before speaking with anyone, take a pinch of table salt and place it on your right palm. Then, say the following 9 prayer points:

Pinch of salt

1. Begin by expressing gratitude to God for all that He has accomplished in your life and for what He is yet to bring forth through your engagement in this prayer exercise.

2. Humbly ask for forgiveness for your own transgressions and for the sins of others that may have impacted you, resulting in perceived punishments.

3. Pray that as Christ Jesus mentioned in Matthew 5:13 that “you are the salt of the earth, but if the salt loses it flavour, how shall it be seasoned?” My God do not allow me to lose valve before you and in the sight of men.

4. As salt attracts sweetness, let my life begin to attract sweetness and every good thing I desire.

5. Pray for a transformation in the way others perceive you, shifting from hatred to affection, both in your personal interactions and in your business endeavours. Specify your business and workplace in your supplication. 

6. Pray that everyone around you recognizes and values your contributions.

7. People will no longer hate me but will now love me and everything I do (mention your business or place of work).

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8. Pray that everyone will begin to appreciate what you do.

9. Now begin to mention any additional positive desires of yours.

Then lick the salt. With faith things are going to change for your good. You are going to share testimonies. You may drink some water after licking the salt.

Recalling 2 Kings 2:19-22, where the inhabitants of Jericho reported the contamination of their water source, leading to miscarriages, remember how Elisha remedied the situation by introducing salt to the spring, thereby purifying the water.

By engaging in this prayer, you are drawing upon the symbolic power of salt, as depicted in the Bible, to influence your career and business positively, just as Elisha's act led to the revitalization of the water source in Jericho.

Prayer Points On How to Choose The Right Partner To Get Married To


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