Who is God?

For clarity sake, God is the creator of the Universe. The book of Genesis 1v1 states that God, being the creator created the heaven and the earth. This makes us to know that whatsoever exists in heaven and on earth was created by God.

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Man is seen a creature on earth, it will be logically sound to draw a conclusion that God created Man on earth. Since God created man, will it be profitable for man to exist without his creator? Absolutely No.

What do we mean by to walk with?

In this context, it means to go with. Doing things together and living life together.

Benefits of Walking with God

God being the ultimate creator of Man has a purpose for his life, man can not attain that purpose without walking with his creator. Therefore, walking with God has a lot of benefits for the individual, and they are:

6 Benefits of walking with God
Walking with God is the best option to man on earth

1. Spiritual Growth

Walking with God exposes man to the dimension of God's goodness that will be open for his spiritual growth. Growing spiritually gives you advantage over the earth, and it's ruler (Satan). One of the greatest weapon against Satan I know is spiritual growth.

2. Earthly Blessings

Walking with God exposes man to God's own earthly blessings. People make this mistake of trying to chase wealth out of God, it is a mistake that needs to be corrected. God is the only source of genuine and long lasting wealth.

1Chronicles 29v12 states that all Honour and Wealth comes from God, this to say that God is the true source of earthly blessings. The Bible portion didn't say "Some wealth", it says "A Wealth". If you want to experience true, and long lasting wealth on earth, try accessing it through God.

Solomon was the wealthiest in his time, he never accumulated this wealth alone, he was being led by God. 

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3. Gift of the Holy Spirit

Jesus told the disciples that when he goes, he will go tell the father to send a comforter to them. Who is that comforter? Its the holy spirit, and one cannot access the spirit without walking with God.

If you are led by the holy spirit, you will not fail in life, you will not make avoidable mistakes in life, why? Because the Holy Spirit is God and God is the way.

In all you do, try to please God so that he will find you worthy of being a benefactor of his spiritual blessing being the spirit of God.

4. Dominion Over Sin

Sin in this context can be seen as the violation of God's will and principle, a lot of people on earth are living under the bondage of sin. Back then in the garden of Eden, Adam and Eve tried to hide from God because they knew they had committed sin.

Sin tries to take man away from God because of guilt. If one walks with God, he gives him the power to overcome sin, thereby living a life that will please God. That sin you are struggling to leave, but you can not will leave you if you decide to bond and walk with the creator of Life(God).

5. Dominion Over Demons

The Bible makes us to understand that God threw Satan and his followers down to earth, they become what is known as fallen angels and demons.

They came in to earth, have great power over it and use the advantage to oppress man. They cause infirmity, sicknesses, barrenness, untimely death, poverty, oppression etc.

How do one overcome this negative power? By allowing himself to be guided and directed by God.

A man who knows his place in God will never be oppressed or intimidated by demonic spirits, he will always be victorious.

6. Power to Overcome Fear

God says, "fear not for I am with you". He also said he never gave us the spirit of fear. Once you are with him, he says he will always be there for you, and he will make you overcome fear because fear is not of God, it is against God.

How To Walk With God

1. By Surrendering your life to him

2. Through Prayer

3. Through constant reading of his word

4. By Always Trusting in God

Prayer is an Effective Key

Read your Bible Everyday of your life

In Conclusion, man cannot live independent of his creator, man can not reach his goal without the acknowledgement of his maker. Walking with God makes journey to life easier, do you know why? Because Jesus Christ has paid the ultimate price for our redemption, and it will only be available to those who walk with the father (God).

Make up your mind to walk with God today as he has promised never to disappoint you.

I pray that your walk with God will be fruitful to you and your household in Jesus name.