Pope Francis on Gaza Hamas Israel conflict,
Pope Francis with leaders of Israel and Iran 

Last night's retaliation by Iran on Israel, in response to the Jewish State's attack that killed some top officers of the Iran Revolutionary Guard in one of the Islamic diplomatic missions in Syria, has led to Pope Francis cautioning the two countries.

In a short message released today, the leader of the Catholic Church, known for his progressive views on social issues, support for the poor and marginalized, and efforts towards interfaith dialogue and environmental stewardship, appealed to both countries to "take the side of peace" and halt any further actions that would "fuel a spiral of violence".

In the message, Pope Francis said, "no one should threaten the existence of others"; rather, nations should work towards a workable solution that would "help Israelis and Palestinians live in two states, side by side, in safety."

He further called for a quick ceasefire in Gaza, through negotiation, and the release of kidnapped hostages.